Our Beliefs

To have integrity, an organization’s members must agree on and share certain values and beliefs at the heart of the organization’s purpose, decisions, and activities. It doesn’t mean the members share all their personal values and beliefs, but they share those of the organization. These beliefs should be referenced regularly, never contradicted by decisions and actions of the organization or its members, and occasionally revisited and even revised if appropriate.

Know Power, Know Responsibility Core Beliefs

Overarching Belief–Power, responsibility, and reaching for one’s true potential are inextricably linked.

Supporting Beliefs:

  1. There is a multi-faceted two-way connection between power and responsibility.
  2. People cannot be legitimately held responsible for something over which they have no power.
  3. People can choose to act on something over which they have no power and may do so for personal reasons or as a means of compliance.
  4. Unleashing one’s true potential requires personal responsibility, which requires personal power and control.
  5. People can increase their personal power through their actions and decisions.
  6. Understanding the relationship between power and responsibility can contribute to increasing personal power.
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