COVID 19 – Can we be a better society when this is all over?

I know that when the COVID 19 crisis is over, or at least is no longer considered a crisis, we can make our society better than when the crisis began. The political and ideological divisiveness we faced the past few decades need not be the normal to which we return. We can choose to maintain the unity that was demonstrated on a daily basis when the crisis began, but it will require individuals to make that choice. This sight will provide posts and videos to help us navigate a path toward a better future for us and those who follow.

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Blog Posts

Kevin shares his belief in and hope that our society can maintain its sense of community once the COVID 19 crisis passes.

Kevin discusses the purpose behind the website.

Kevin discusses how a willingness to take risks and having trust in oneself and others are essential to unleashing one’s potential and the potential of an organization such as a school.

Kevin discusses how accepting greater power and responsibility can actually reduce one’s level of stress.

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