Unleashing Everyone’s Potential

If you could help all children in your community unleash their potential, would you?

I am confident nearly everyone would, but nearly everyone also feels they are unprepared or unqualified to help with such a task. My book, Know Power, Know Responsibility, and this website will serve to demonstrate the opposite. Every person in every community is capable of contributing toward efforts to unleash the potential of each child in that community and to learn how to unleash their own potential. This website will remain “under construction” as new resources are developed and existing ones are updated and improved. I hope you will visit occasionally to see what has been added or changed. In the meantime, I ask that you consider what role you would consider playing to unleash the potential of every child in your community.

Kevin discusses the purpose behind the knowresponsibility.com website.
Kevin discusses how a willingness to take risks and having trust in oneself and others are essential to unleashing one’s potential and the potential of an organization such as a school.
Kevin discusses how accepting greater power and responsibility can actually reduce one’s level of stress.