Launch of Know Power, Know Responsibility LLC

Know Power, Know Responsibility LLC (KPKR) was formed to serve as a hub for exploring the relationship between power and responsibility and the corresponding connection between these and unleashing the potential of individuals and groups. All of this stemmed from my book, Know Power, Know Responsibility, that was written to foster reinvention of public education.

Yes, that’s a lot of power and responsibility, but it seems that multiple times every day I encounter situations and stories that reinforce the insights I’ve developed about this connection. It is my hope that KPKR and this website become a means for others to learn about this connection, understand how it can be leveraged to address a variety of challenges–from personal to local to global–and to contribute their ideas, insights, and questions.

There are many specific connections and insights I will be exploring through these posts, and I will also be trying to show the connections to current events, situations, and stories that arise. In the end, my purpose in all these efforts is to help individuals better understand the power to which they have access while helping groups see how they can leverage shared power in a phenomenal “total is greater than the sum of the parts” way.

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